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Monday, November 15, 2010

Evie is 7 months and 4 weeks old; Eric is 2 and a half years old!

My little tiny baby boy is going to be two and a half years old on the 19th!!!

Someone donated an animatronic, life-size baby triceratops dinosaur to Eric's school! It's about 3 feet tall and comes to "life" with realistic sounds and motion! It responds to voices and touch with roaring and laughing sounds, and expressive tail, head, eye, mouth and horn movements.
It also "sings" 4 different adventure-themed tunes. Eric LOVES it!!!

Eric LOVES dinosaurs!

Eric's new favorite show is called Dino Dan

Thank you Gramma Linda & Grampa Bill for the dinosaurs! ROAR!

Thank you Gramma Linda & Grampa Bill for the T-Rex, I gotta show him the coloring pages I made of him!

Which cup is better, Eric? Oh right, duh, the DINOSAUR!!! LOL!

My Princess!

She is so proud of herself when she does "big" girl things like stand up and play with toys (even if Dada is helping)

This one she can do all by herself!

Her outfit is Winny the Pooh and Piglet, so we had to break out Tigger and Eeyore. :)

This is a cute little cheerleader outfit she got. I liked it so much I made pom poms...

Along with her cheerleader outfit and pom poms, she's got a letter sweater, a school emblem (the big 'E'), and a megaphone (which she is crushing in her hand and also decided to taste, lol!)

And here is her cheerleader clap - VERY enthusiastic, lol!


Gran and Papa said...


The shots of Eric with the dinosaur are wonderful!



Grandma Pat said...

I visited the blog and loved it. Thanks for sharing; Evie is adorable, as it the #1 Boy in your life.

Auntie Heather said...

oh MY!!! that's quite a clap!