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Monday, November 1, 2010

Evie is 7 months and two weeks old; Eric is 2 years old!

We had a great halloween!

I made bear-claw pastry for breakfast and pumpkin pie for our after dinner dessert!

Eric had his Halloween Party at school and had lots of fun, everybody got a pumpkin balloon!

Evie was excited to carve her first pumpkin!

Dada helped her

Since Evie is too little to carve, Dada made her a mini pumpkin while he worked on her pumpkin.

Eric was excited too!

I helped him carve his.

Eric had forgotten how much fun it was!

Evie's pumpkin turned out fabulous - Scott was able to carve it and encorporate the words "Evie's 1st" into his design!!!

Eric was most excited about blowing out the candle inside his pumpkin, lol!

At first Eric wasn't too sure about going up and knocking on doors.

Then all he wanted to do was ring the door bells but he wasn't quite tall enough. (Daddy was super excited about the glow stick)

Then all he wanted to do was to pet people's dogs, lol!

Then all he wanted to do was go inside people's houses and visit with them, lol!

He went into one house to watch football on a huge big screen TV. At another house, he walked in and started playing with random toys, lol!

Eric was fascinated with the scary stuff. One scary thing made noise and scared him, but other than that he did really well.

Scott and I were impressed by all the candy Eric got even tho we only went to a few houses. The neighbors we visited were all people Scott and Eric and Bailey see each night on their walks. They were all happy to see Evie since she and I stay at home and make dinner while the boys walk.

Eric's first candy!

I made a special treat bag for Eric (since he was only interested in eating 1 piece of candy) with 100% fruit juice, goldfish crackers, and pretzels in it. It was a big hit! (Eric decorated the bag at school)

After we got home, Eric was excited about the trick-or-treaters coming to the door. Each time the doorbell rang, he was say, "Uh-oh!" and run to the front door, knock on the door, then open the door. He would watch me pass out the candy and then say goodbye to all the kids as well as to the witch we had hanging on the door, lol!

Then we cooked the pumpkin seeds - yummy!!!

And here is our lil black halloween cat!


Auntie Heather said...

omg how adorable! evie prefers her orange, cuz its lil like her... lil E man is strong! holding up his own punkin. I think Bia for got how fun it is too! WHAT IS THAT ADORABLE WHITE FLUFF Evie is in??? is she a lambybear??? E man is Incredible in his chucks! Eric's face in the pic with his treat bag is sooo cute. funny about Eric and the trick or treaters... Ken did all the same things except knocking on our own door....hmmm.

Auntie Heather said...

and where is that Mook Cat for Halloween!!!?? He's a BLACK HALLOWEEN CAT! Cmon MOOK get with it!