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Monday, November 8, 2010

Evie is 7 months and three weeks old; Eric is 2 years old!

Here's Little Miss, sleeping with her tushy in the air, lol!

Evie is tasting her first veggie puff!

These little 'sweet pea' outfits (as Scott calls them since the baby in Popeye always wore them and was named sweet pea) are cute and warm!

This really isn't a good pic, but Evie LOVES it when Dada takes her outside in the backyard to look around!

After her bath today, I took a pic of Evie's hair. :)

Here is a vid of Evie playing with the door stop. Be thankful there is no sound, lol!

Gran & Papa brought up a cookie icing and decorating kit!

It was super fun and Eric loved pouring the sprinkles on EVERYTHING, lol! ***Beware, the next picture is GRAPHIC in nature!***

Eric fell at school on the gravel black top and cut his chin open (there was actually a rock of gravel embedded in his chin which I picked out after I ran over to help him). One of the dads at school is an EMT and he took a good look at the wound and said it might take 1 stitch or we could let it heal on its own. Getting one stitch would involve Eric having to get a shot in the wound, waiting for it to take effect, then getting another needle stuck in the wound to have it stitched up. So, I opted to not have the stitch. I just thought it would be too much trauma on top of everything else. He slid funny as he fell and his whole body hurt, he also bit his tongue and his cheek and knocked a few teeth loose. I just didn't think holding him down so he could get poked with needles seemed like the best thing for him. I put a gob of neosporin on it and a bandaid as soon as he fell asleep (since he wouldn't let me touch it all day long) and the next morning as Eric was picking off the bandaid I could see how much better it looked. Now its almost fully healed. But I was so scared when it just wouldn't stop bleeding. There is dried blood all over his clothes and mine, so much blood that it soaked thru to my bra and stained that too. That boy is going to give me gray hair, lol. It was just earlier this year (in Jan) that he fell and hit his head so hard he couldn't stop throwing up, remember?

There aren't many pix of me with the kiddos, so here ya go! :)


Gran and Papa said...

So sorry about Eric's mishap. Unfortunately, it probably won't be the last (after all, he is a little boy!) Ah, the joys of parenthood!

Great pix, Thanks for sharing.



Auntie Heather said...

wow Evie is so cute in the vid! Poor baby Eric, he's gonna grow up tough though!