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Monday, August 1, 2011

Evie is 1 year, 4 months and 1 week old; Eric is 3 years old!

I'm a big fan of Ali Edwards (she's a well-known and published scrapbooker) and I recently discovered she has been doing a WITL (Week In The Life) blog just like mine! She had a great idea about using the camera timer so you can be in the pix more often (it’s a hugely discussed scrapbook topic that we are never in our family albums because we are always the ones taking the pix). Ali also counts the number of pix she takes each week and I thought that sounded like fun, so this week I have taken 50 pix, here are some of them:

Here's the camera on timer as they jump on my bed and I try to get a photo, lol! I'll definately be needing some more practice using the timer idea with these two, lol!

This is Eric's special friend, "Zzzz" (imagine a sock puppet without the sock). Zzzz seems to be Eric's scape goat in case something naughty happens and Eric needs someone to blame other than Evie. For instance, Zzzz is the one who throws the toys across the room, not Eric. And Zzzz is the one who took Evie's snack and gave it to Eric to eat. Eric is innocent in the matter, all he did was eat some snack that was given to him. Zzzz on the other hand might have to go sit in time out and will look sad as he begrudgingly goes towards the time-out area. However, if something big happens and Evie is hurt, Eric will take himself and Zzzz to timeout without being told.

Dada makes that face!

I just realized this week that all buildings are "house" except for our house which is called "home." :) Big rigs and other large trucks are called "big brrroooom brrrooooms"

MY Momma loves ME!

I can hold legos in my toes!

Eric 'helped' me put the groceries away (not all of these are groceries, some are from our garden too!) He asked me the name of each one and then put it too his mouth, then took it away from his mouth and said, "noooo..." Apparently they weren't as appetizing as they looked, lol! Later Scott grabbed a nectarine to eat it and said, "Hey, there are little teeth marks in this!" HAHAHA!

The girl loves her some sunglasses!

I made mini pineapple upside down cakes. The dark spots around the edges is all brown sugar!!! YUM!

On the way home from the splash park last week, Kellie and I stopped at McDonalds and I got Eric the toy of the week. It was a light saber from the movie Star Wars and he can't put it down! (A lightsaber is a fictional weapon in the Star Wars universe, a "laser sword." To learn more click HERE.) In the movie, the main character can't reach his light saber and has to use the magical 'force' to draw the light saber to his hand without ever touching it!

1 comment:

Auntie Heather said...

somehow evie's face in the one with you kissing her cheek in the yellow striped shirt reminds me of mom, something about her face or eyes or look or smthg, i dunno, i just see it!
Ah, his first Star Wars documentation, ,i'm sure Scott is sooo proud! MOO!