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Monday, August 22, 2011

Evie is 1 year, 4 months and 4 weeks old; Eric is 3 years old!

Photos taken this week: 121

Today eric asked me for ‘jooz or milk, ma, pleeeee?’ I said ‘ok’ and got his cup and started to pour milk in the cup. ‘no! wait, ma, jooz! jooz! pleeeeee?’ so I put the milk away and get the juice (jooz). He says, ‘good girl ma!’  LOL!!!

This was my outfit when I was little!

I took the kids to the library and the pre-school reading area had dinosaurs!

It also had this fun wooden bead game (yes, we have 2 of these at home that neither of them are at all interested in.)

Eric discovered the computer area! Each computer had several games for pre-schoolers and Eric had a blast!

Evie also wanted to try out the computer, so she put on the headphones and got up in the chair and started moving the mouse around!

While helping me put the sheets on the bed, Scott ripped our last set of sheets, so I ordered this new bedroom set and everyone really seems to like it, lol!

and when I say 'everybody,' i mean EVERYBODY, lol!

Evie's lunch is so delicious, she is offering to share!

Evie likes kitty cats!

Instead of "Dances with Wolves" he is "Sleeps with Dinosaurs"

I think we might need dinos-anonymous, lol!

Scott calls this her Marilyn Monroe dress.

Eric's imagination is growing by leaps and bounds. He plays with toys in sets of two now and the toys interact, there is usually a momma and a baby, but in this case it's a momma and dadda.


Super Diva!

"Hey, why did the car stop moving?"

How scary is it when you realize your 3 year old knows how to put keys into the ignition of a vehicle in order to make it go?

Another tractor for Evie :)

How cute is this?

Evie learns about the final frontier!

Evie points here toes as I pick her up out of her crib each morning. 


Gramma Linda said...

Look at how beautiful Evie’s face is AND how long her eyelashes are while she pets Mook on the bed.

Eric is really getting good on the computer. Soon he will be able to use it better than we do!

Papa Steve said...

Really cute.

I think you need to consider a pet dinosaur.....!

The foto of Mook and Evie is so cute....true friendship!