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Monday, August 8, 2011

Evie is 1 year, 4 months and 2 weeks old; Eric is 3 years old!

Photos taken this week: 123
I would have taken a lot more, but the camera battery died while we were at the new park and I didn't get one single picture of the new park :( :( :(
Also this week, Evie woke up from her nap, took her diaper off and used her crib instead. Then, she sorta painted with it.  After I bathed her twice, I spent the next 4 hours cleaning every single part of her crib: all the wood, the sheets and bedskirt, the carpet, the walls, the dolls, the stuffed animals and etc. This is why I laugh when a manufacturer says their stuffed animal can't be washed but that I can wipe it clean with a wet cloth - obviously these people never had children!!!

Thanks Mom for the scrapbook album, I finally got around to re-covering it, this is the BEFORE and AFTER pix :)

Scott was teaching Eric how to fish -- not too many fish to catch down the hallway, lol!

We went to the park and our neighbors were there, Eric had a lot of fun playing with them.

Evie is doing so well with her sign language, this is how she says 'more.'

Eric is telling Viviana to "come on!"

Evie takes a break at the park to sit.

Eric is finally tall enough to see out of this nifty kalidoscope thing!

Evie found some pretty yellow flowers!

This is my camera timer pic of the week, lol. I love my new purple Dyson!

Jumping for joy - both feet are completely off the ground!

Scott had a great birthday week!

He took his birthday off from work and went riding!

He brought back some snow!

Eric and Evie were so happy Dada was finally home!

Heather even came to help celebrate!

Red Velvet cake!

I don't think that's all going to fit...

Then we went shopping at Walmart and there was a pony there!!!

Scott asked for a profile pic of Evie. Just look at those gorgeous eye lashes! And perfect button nose! And her skin!!! I didn't photoshop this pic at all except to crop it - what an amazing little girl!!!

Eric is lining up all his dinosaurs! ROAR!!!

Father-daughter moment.

Evie really likes this toy!

Eric is doing so well at playing catch!

Auntie Heather gave Eric a seal, it's the one she had at her house that he just loved when we were there last. He gave it a big hug!

Auntie Heather says, "Put down that car, put on these sunglasses and next we will discuss shoes and purses..."

Apparently, there is a Diva walk as well...

Watch out, there are dinosaurs in the arcade!

Evie is there too and she will kick your butt on the driving game! As you can see, she is the High Scorer on Track 7!

Dinosaurs get hungry too!

More birthday cake for Dada means more birthday cake for Eric! YUMMY!


Auntie Heather said...

ah! eric's face in the snow pic is classic.
evie's walk is looking FABOULOUS!!!
i hope he likes his lil seal!!!

Jim Bowden said...

I can hardly wait to take Eric fishing, I just hope we have more luck than his Dad and I had.

SleepingBeautie said...

Eric LOVES the seal, he has a baby seal and a mama seal now and they bark at each other, it is SO cute!!!

Gramma Linda said...

Look at the look on Evie’s face. Looks like she is telling us that she is the Princess of the driving game. “Can’t beat me! I’m the Star”. You go Evie!