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Monday, October 31, 2011

Evie is 1 year, 7 months and 2 weeks old; Eric is 3 years old!

Photos taken this week: 176

Evie covers her face with her hands and says, “Eeeevie? Eeeevie?” then uncovers her face and looks at me, I say, “THERE she is!!!” Evie laughs and laughs! She is playing peek-a-boo!

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm:

Eric is standing in the middle of the epitome of all pumpkin farms!

This pic is for Papa Steve!

Evie ADORED the goats, she fed them, pet them, and brushed them!

Eric loves Wubbzy, he watches it on TV everyday. We were thrilled to see Wubbzy and his friend birdy-bird, as well as Wubby's little pink friend (below) named Widget.

Evie thought Widget was pretty cool in person, lol!

Evie found this huge yet sad little pumpkin far away from its friends just laying in the dirt. She has a kind heart and wanted to take this pumpkin and give it a good home.

Eric found several huge pumpkins, but he wanted a t-rex jack-o-lantern, so we had to keep looking until we could find a green pumpkin.

Carving Pumpkins:

We found the illusive green pumpkin and started the t-rex design!

Evie ended up with this cute little baby pumpkin because it was just the right size for her to carry around, and she really liked that.

However, she made it clear that the pumpkin may have been cute and little, but it did NOT taste good.

Eric and Dada helped carve out Evie's pumpkin as she watched and held the big ice cream scoop to help get all the 'goo' out.

And here we have Evie's little jack-o-lantern with a heart nose and pomegranate-seed eyes. And Eric's t-rex jack-o-lantern with grape eyes and peppercorn pupils - ROAR!


I won this tutu and headband from a lady at my mommy's group.

Eric was Superman for halloween last year, so I was super excited to get a Batman costume for him this year at a discounted price. I came home and proudly showed Scott my awesome find. His reply, "Of course it was cheap, the cape and cowl are missing." D'oh!!! Back to the store to buy some black fabric.

I made a few chalk outlines to cut.

And voila, a cape!

Evie LOVED the cape! She modeled it, spun around so the cape would flap, and then Eric got interested and started chasing her around the house, both of them giggling hysterically, lol!

Now for the cowl. I got some black felt.

Cut out two bat shapes and sewed most of the edges together, leaving a gap for elastic.

Cut the elastic and sewed it into the gaps I had made ealier.

Finally the costume was ready!

Then Scott said since I was making stuff that Bailey needed a costume too; so I went back to the store and bought some more fabric and more felt. Then I went online and found the Underdog logo/symbol and made Bailey a costume too.

Ta da, it fits great!

I made Evie's tutu, but thankfully the rest of her outfit was purchased; one more costume to make and I might have missed the Oct 31 deadline, lol!

Trick-or-treating was a hoot, Eric wanted to go inside everyone's house and Evie wanted to continuously ring people's doorbells, while Bailey wanted to either bark or walk in with Eric, lol!

And here's our poor little black cat who we have to hide on Halloween. He gets to watch the excitement from the safety of the window sill.


Papa Steve said...

The costumes were really cute!

Nice memories of the fun we had at Bishop'sPumpkin Farm...

Thanks for sharing!


Ashley said...

I'm still amazed by that dinosaur pumpkin! And of course blown away when I see the step by steps of your crafting projects. You always make them seem like "no biggie" to make them and then I see how much work went into it and I can't get my eyes to stop bulging. I hope I can be half the good mom you are someday :)