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Monday, August 13, 2012

Evie is 2 years, 5 months and 3 weeks old; Eric is 4 years old!

Photos taken this week: 76

♬ ♪ Old MacDonald had a farm... ♩ ♫

Eric is playing “Mystery” he has his ‘pith’ helmet on and his magnifying glass and he says he is following muddy footprints! I used my new kit "Crime Scene" to make this layout. Click the image for a larger view to read the journaling.

A special treat: Cousins!!!

Adrian went up to the third level of the play place. A bunch of the little kids started playing with him and I'm not exactly sure what happened but they ended up either tickling or attacking him or something, so...

I sent Eric up there to rescue Adrian and he did a pretty good job getting those other kids off of Adrien long enuf for Adrien to make to back to the ground floor!

Family Photo!

August 6: Today was one of those days that helps you appreciate the good days. Both Evie and Eric were up several times in the night, so none of us got much sleep. Evie’s diaper leaked in the middle of the night too, so there was washing of sheets and blanks and much sadness. Then, Evie fell and hurt her arm. Next, Eric threw up. Then, Evie had an ‘accident’ in the bathtub and I don't mean #1. Next, Eric fell off his bike and cut his lip open. I haven’t been this happy to have a day come to an end in a long time, let’s go to bed as early as possible and start again tomorrow!!!

Evie has become proficient using a computer mouse. I tried to show her, and before I could get the words out she was already clicking on the item she wanted!

I saw a tutorial on line for an easy dress to sew, so I thought I'd give it a try...

Eric: Momma, I hear something!
Me: What do you hear?
Eric: I hear a ROBOT!!!
Me: That's just my sewing machine, I'm making Evie a dress.
LOL! How cute is he?

Here's the dress! I made a little flower headband too.

The kids saw Mickey Mouse on TV for the first time and really enjoyed the show, so I made them Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast. ºOº

Evie LOVES her kitty cat Mook! Mook is indifferent, lol!

She definitely gets her building skills from her Daddy (have you seen his lego creations?)

We went to a children's fair and they had all kinds of fun stuff like this.

They are talking about opening a children's museum in Yuba City in 2013. I hope they do!

Eric got new sunglasses at the children's fair!

So cute!

Eric and I practice pre-reading skills, such as making sentences with these mini flash cards I made.

Every month I make a card and send photos to my Granny Marge, she would always right back, but has recently stopped due to her increasing dementia. It's sad to think that she doesn't know who I am anymore, but I still write to her and send pix because who doesn't like to get something in the mail, even if you're not sure who its from or who the people in the pix are, you do know someone loves you enuf to write. :)

The first thing Eric chooses to play with at school is legos! It might be time to get some for home.

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Grampa Bill said...

Cool Shades Eric !