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Monday, August 27, 2012

Evie is 2 years, 6 months and 1 week old; Eric is 4 years old!

Photos taken this week: 62

Evie just told me she had to pee, her diaper is dry, she peed on the toilet!!! She's potty training herself! Its every mother's dream come true, except that she is insistent on going every 15 minutes, lol!

Evie and I are going over colors, I asked her a bunch of them and when we got to pink she said, "I LOVE pink" LOL!

Eric had homework this week at school! The homework was a project to be completed on posterboard! I was so excited we went straight from school to the store to buy supplies! The project was supposed to tell all about Eric. We came home and took photos.

Eric helped pick out other photos and what we didn't have photos of we took immediately. I had recently found a dinosaur scrapbooking kit I wanted to buy, but wasn't sure what to use it for yet. This was my big chance! I purchased it along with some coordinating elements and Eric and I had a blast putting everything together!

Here is the final project, he was really happy with the outcome and that everything incorporated dinosaurs. I was happy because we had so much fun working on it together! ♥

She knows I don't like this, that's why she making the frowny face, lol. Its like a balance beam now, she has turned the bins end to end and lines them up next to the wall, then she walks across them without falling off. I think it might almost be time to sign her up for gymnastics!

And who can resist those darling pseudo-pigtails?!

Scott and I bought some legos for Eric, he ADORES them!

He immediately builds pteranodons.

Later he says he loves his Lightening McQueen but is sad he doesn't have Mater, so Daddy builds Mater out of the legos! Complete with hinged tow-hitch that moves and works! AMAZING!!!

Eric is very pleased to have Mater to play with along side his Lightening McQueen!

Little Miss wants to get in on the action too!

Daddy is really good at building with legos, here are some of his other creations.

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