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Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 15: 2013

Photos taken: 176

April 9: It's super windy today so I built the kids a kite from a plastic bag and some yarn, it was fun! After both kids got the hang of flying it, I ran inside to get my camera, when I got back, the kite had flown away, lol!

April 10: Evie is going thru that phase Eric went thru when he just wanted to be outside 24 hours a day. Evie and Bailey are in the backyard (in and out and in and out) all day long. She tells me how much she wants to go outside, then she is out there for 5 minutes and tells me it is too windy and hot, so she comes in for 5 minutes and then tell me how much she wants to go outside, lol! This is what we do all day long everyday!
Eric had T-ball practice today.

April 11: It's allergy season again, no one in this family can stop sneezing! Eric refuses to take any medication and he is miserable! :(
Eric had another T-ball game today at 6pm. They played against the Rockhounds.

April 12: all the roses in town are blooming, they are so beautiful and every color of the rainbow! (note to self, buy some rose bushes)

April 13: In the last week, Evie has started playing with two toys that interact with each other, carry on conversations, play together, and help each other accomplish shared goals. It's amazing to watch her imagination and social ability grow! 
Eric had another T-ball game today at 10:30am. They played against the Volcanoes.

April 15: We had to cancel our play date with Eric's friend Jacob because we had our first rain of the season.


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