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Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 17: 2013

Photos taken: 177

April 23: Eric had another T-ball game today at 6pm. They played against the Mudcats.

April 24: when Eric woke up this morning the first words out of his mouth were, "awe, but i wanna go to the animal faire!" I told him it was just a dream and he seemed angry/sad. I asked him to tell me about the animal faire. He said there was a dragon with two heads and a guy who was feeding the dragon and then the dragon let the guy ride on his back!

T-ball practice was canceled today.

Eric dressed up as Optimus Prime!

April 25: The kids and I made pancakes!

April 27: I turned the house A/C on for the first time this year. The thermostat said it was 82 degrees in the house, yikes! Seems kinda early in the year for that much heat. What happened to spring, is it summer already?

Eric had another T-ball game today at 10:30am. Gran and Papa Steve came to watch! They played against the Rockhounds.

April 29: Playdate with Jacob, water balloon tossing at the park!

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