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Monday, November 3, 2008

Eric is twenty-two weeks old! (5 months and 2 weeks)

Eric is teaching himself cause and effect, problem solving, and all about textures. The cause and effect is evident as he throws his toys and watches me pick them up; its also evident when I show him that my fingers are about to tickle him and he laughs before I touch him. His problem solving is amazing to watch. When he drops a toy, he looks around for it and tries to pick it back up. And the textures is hilarious to watch, he puts everything in his mouth now and the facial expressions he makes when he tastes a washcloth are very different from when he tastes his rattle or his own thumb - too cute!

He has also started to string together a bunch of consonant and vowel sounds, as tho he is making sentences to tell me a story! He is also starting to know his name! And its almost as tho he has just discovered his tongue, it is sticking out and he is licking things, i'm sure part of this is because he is teething like crazy all of the sudden!

This week we tried green beans and also peas. He's still the best eater I have ever seen, but I think the carrots are still his fav.


Mr_Danny said...

What a cutie!!!!

¤Tony Forever :Man of Steel¤ said...

Based on this Pic, I think he looks more like you Anmarie!