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Monday, November 24, 2008

Eric is twenty-five weeks old! (6 months and 1 week)

If it's possible, Eric is even more wiggly than ever! He is very interested in every sound we hear during the day (or night). Daddy's voice and Bailey's barks are of special interest and every activity comes to a screetching halt as Eric sharply turns his head to look where the noise has come from!

He is getting so good at sitting up to play, I still prop him up, but he is much more stable and if he starts to tip over he can catch his balance now!

His screetching is as loud as ever too. Sometimes if a toy is out of reach, he can really wail if he is frustrated enough. He isn't frustrated enough to crawl to the toy yet, but I can tell that's coming soon!

Eric made his first craft this week, check it out below! Also below is our Thankgiving Family Photo, plus an extra cute pix of Eric...

Happy Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

Katie said...

OMG! He is TOO CUTE! He's gonna be a stunner. ;-)