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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another extra blog post for this week!

OMG, we have internet again!!! We have not had a connection since Dec 17, the AT&T tech finally came out and said our redback portal had become corrupt and that usually when this happens, it rebuilds itself, but in our case that didn't happen due to some sort of AT&T glitch. Apparently he is going to contact the AT&T Regional Manager about our situation and see if we can get some of our money returned to us, since we are out about $200 now due to their error (not to mention the wear and tear (and gas) on the car and computer driving all the way to Gridley to use the WiFi and all our time and energy wasted calling AT&T who repeatedly told us it was our fault and everything looked fine on their end, having a 3rd party tech come to our house to look at things, driving an hour and a half to Fry's several times buying 4 different modems/routers, new phone cords, and new cables and returning them all, calling each modem/router company for tech support, Scott taking time off from work to come home and talk to techs, dismanteling our entire satelite television connection because someone at AT&T said that was the problem, and don't get me started on not being able to pay my bills or check my email or update my digital scrapbooking store, etc)!

On a different subject - thank you for all the concern about Eric, he is feeling much better - he has not thrown up since the day he hit his head and has not taken any more mediction since the ER dr gave him the zofran. He still isn't finding much he wants to eat, but I'm hoping that will come with a bit more time. Talk to you all soon!

Here are the xmas cookies I decorated, in the shuffle of no internet, this pic got lost along the way.

Here is another xmas pic that no one ever got to see! This was right after Santa visited!

1 comment:

Mom said...

I love your Santa cookies! You did such a great job on them. And they taste so good.

Love you