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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Extra Blog Post

Well, the blog post is late again this week, as is becoming the norm. AT&T was supposed to send a tech out yesterday but the tech never showed. We got an AT&T modem so they supposedly have to fix it, but still nothing is working on their end. Our neighbor said she was having problems with AT&T too and after 2 months finally had her service disconnected because AT&T couldn’t fix it. All the while, AT&T continues to charge us and send us bills for the service we cannot use.

Then last night we had the scare of our lives when at about 5:45pm Eric slipped on his pj bottoms and hit his head on the kitchen floor and proceeded to throw up 6 times (thankfully he never lost consciousness). We rushed to the emergency room where we waited for hours and hours (Eric ran around the waiting room like a kid in a candy store, you would never have known he had head trauma) and finally Eric had 2 CT scans (he had to have 2 because he refused to be still – he doesn’t like being restrained). After another hour of waiting for the results, the scans came back normal and we were told he didn’t have any bleeding inside his head or brain and that his skull was not damaged, but that he had a concussion and would be much better in the morning. He was given Zofran/Ondansetron to help settle his stomach and we finally made it home at about 2:30am. I was scared to let him fall asleep because I was afraid he might not wake up again. At 7:30am this morning he woke up and was super thirsty, he had 4 glasses of juice/water (usually he has one!). He won’t eat anything he has eaten in the last two days, I’m sure he is trying to keep from throwing up again. So I am struggling with what to feed him. Just looking at certain foods makes him gag.

We are all beyond exhausted. Somehow, Scott got up and went to work this morning. I have done at least 11 loads of laundry since yesterday because besides Eric throwing up 6 times (on me, his high chair, the couch, the carpet, the counter, his toys, etc), the dog peed on the floor and I stepped in it, and the cat threw up which Eric proceeded to drive his cars threw, and then Eric’s diaper leaked. I used bleach in the laundry and ended up getting bleach spots on the few maternity clothes I have that still fit. The entire house smells like vomit and urine – Mom, I need to borrow your carpet steam cleaner please.

I’m trying to remember the positive things during and after this rather rough and expensive adventure. I am so thankful that Eric is healthy and that Scott was here to help me through this.

Our emergency room "memorabilia"

Happier times just relaxing

Eric has so much fun pouring!

The neighbor boy turned 4 and this is his little sister with Eric. Eric seemed to take a liking to her and even hugged her twice during the party! Hooray for little sisters!!!


Heather said...

wow, what an ordeal! so glad he's ok. he will eat once his tummy settles. hope you all can get some rest and that AT&T comes through soon. yay for lil sisters!

taxi said...

Sounds scary. All those cloths. The hospital trip must have been awful too.
When Eric hugs little neighbor girls it's not because he wants a sister you know.