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Monday, May 21, 2012

Evie is 2 years, 2 months and 4 weeks old; Eric is 4 years old!

Photos taken this week: 93

At around 5am, Eric crawled into bed with us. Around 6am, Evie came in crying and wanted to get in bed. It was like a parenting book moment come to life where the babies share the familial bed and everyone is comfy and cozy and happy and bonding – and it lasted for 3 seconds. Then Eric rolled over and smacked me in the face. I looked over and he was completely asleep. When I turned back around, my hair got caught in his fingers and ripped out several strands. Before I could rub my head, Evie (wide away the entire time) had dropped one of her blankies on the floor and was trying to reach it by leaning head first off the bed, so as I was trying to hold her legs so she didn’t head butt the floor, she had reached the blankie and was trying to get it back into the bed by whipping it at my face. After several times of this, her other two blankies fell on the floor and I decided she needed some extra assistance. I get out of bed to get the blankies and when I get back in bed, Eric has rolled over into my spot. I scootch him over a bit, so there is room for me and Evie again and we all try to get settled, then suddenly Evie yells JUZ (juice)!!! And wiggles out from under the covers. She is running out the bedroom door and turns around to see me sitting there watching her, not immediately following with the urgency juice requires. “JUZ!!!!!!!!!!!” She exclaims and starts to cry. I get up to get her juice. Then I see what time it is, time to take Eric to school. He does not want to wake up, not even for juz. It's then a mad dash to get ready to leave. What happened to my perfect parenting book moment? It was gone as soon as it was realized! :(

Reading about dinos with Grampa.

I don't know why, but Eric insisted on getting his pillow and blanket and bringing them to the couch. Maybe he just wanted to be with everyone instead of in his room. It just seems like his own bed would be so much more comfortable, lol.

Daddy and Evie had the same idea. Love how she wraps her arm around his neck. ♥

Nap time is over, time for some sugar! Evie is VERY stingy with her affection, you gotta get it when you can!!!

The only time Evie is not stingy with her affection is when she is loving on her blankets (I call them 'blanks,' she calls them 'feee'). I said to Evie, "I  love you, Evie." Her reply, "I love feee!"

Daddy took this pic of Evie at the park with his phone. What a great shot of Evie inside the big xylophone!

My mom had a rental car for the day while her car was getting detailed, they gave her a Chrysler 300, so I had to check it out!!!

Turning 4 means its time for his yearly pediatrician visit. He had to get shots. He weighed 37.5 pounds and was 40 inches tall! Daddy took Eric to his appt this time.

It's almost birthday time, gotta get spiffy! I have always cut Eric's hair, but this time Daddy wanted to try taking him to the barber. Eric did great and at the end of the hair cut, looked in the mirror and said, "I look handsome!" LOL!

Boys have to get their hair cut before the party, us girls have to get our toes done. (I told Scott to ask the doctor, during Eric's appt, if Evie is old enuf to have her nails painted, the doctor said yes! So Evie and I got pedicures together, on the floor in the bathroom, lol. Look at these little tiny (yet super chubby) toes!!! She was jumping around so its not exactly a professional looking paint job, lol. But she watched me do mine (French) and then I got out the sparkly pink for her and she wasn't too sure. When I finally got some polish on one of her big toes and she realized it didn't hurt, she let me do the rest. I told her how pretty she was and she kept trying to touch it and scrunch up her feet. I kept having to re-do the polish and then get the nail polish remover and get all the paint off her feet and hands, lol! After that she kept walking funny and looking down at her toes! Super cute!!! Now if I could just get her hair to grow!)

Eric and Evie are coloring a poster to hang up during Eric's birthday party, its a color-by-number T-Rex!

The poster turned out great!!!

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