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Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 23: 2013

Photos Taken: 63

June 7: It's been about a week now that little fée has been missing (did you know that fée in French means 'fairy'). I hadn't said anything to her about it because I was concerned she would be very upset. But today, I finally got the courage to ask Evie where it was. I knew she had hidden it when over 24 hours went by and she didn't have it and was not asking for it. She was hugging her pink fée and she said, "i LOVE fée!" and I said, "Evie, where is little fée?" and she looked at me for a long time before she said, "Um, I don't know." And I said, "Yes you do, you hid it, remember? You put it in a special place." And she looked at me like 'How did you know!!!?" And I said, "Show me" and she ran into her bedroom and sat on her bed and look around. I tried to see where her eyes went, but I didn't see anything incriminating. I asked her again where it was and she said, "It's with blue fée" but I could see blue fée and so I told her it was not with blue fée. Then she ran into Eric's room and jumped on his bed and started watching TV. Sigh. 

June 9: I tried a new technique for finding the missing little fée. I showed Evie the drawer where I keep all her special stuff, like the shirt she had as an infant that says "Eric's little sister." I told her I was worried about little fée and that maybe little fée wasn't safe, but that if she found little fée and put it in the drawer, it would be safe with all the other special things. She understood, but didn't seem overly interested.

June 9: Eric and I do at least two pages kindergarten-level homework everyday (we usually take a break on the weekends), Evie also does homework, her's is pre-school and pre-k. Lately, along side of the homework packets, Eric and I have been working on his reading skills as well. We have a list hanging up near his bed with the first 100 sight words kids should learn and we go over them every day at least once. I've also been working on words that he can sound out. We watch a fun leapfrog video that explains how letters come together to make words and then we practice the words on our chalkboard. Today, when Scott came home from work, Eric sounded out and read 8 words all by himself with no help! Those words were: bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, and sat! WOO HOO!!!

June 10: water park with Jacob

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