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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week 26: June 25 to July 1, 2013

Photos taken: 80

June 28: Heather's sweet Mercedez went to kitty cat heaven this morning after losing her battle with kidney dysfunction. She was 17 years old (she was Heather's high school graduation present). There is a huge whole in all our hearts. Her passing brings up memories for me of losing Charlie and Daisy I am doubly and triply saddened. 

Heather wrote: Mercedez was my high school graduation present in 1996. I had wanted a kitten my entire life, and she was the absolute BEST! For 17 years we were inseparable, she traveled with me, we even went on daily walks together. She was so cute looking out windows, waiting for me on the stairs, batting her jingle bell, playing in her kitty house, basking in the sunshine, playing hide and seek, how she daintily ate her birthday dinners at the table with me, how she always slept with me at night, her teacup of water by the bedside. Sadly, she lost her battle with kidney disease (after a long hard fight with my help, love and support) on June 28, 2013. I will forever miss my purrfect little feline daughter, and hold her memory dear in my heart, mind, and dreams. I will always love you, Sadie.

June 29: I bought a baby monitor with tv screen before eric was born. Once he stopped co-sleeping, I used the monitor almost non-stop. When Evie was born, she used the co-sleeper too, but when she moved into her big girl crib, I moved the baby monitor's receiver into her room and have used it every single night. Tonight, it broke. Evie usually crawls into bed with me around 3am and the last several nights, she has accidentally knocked the monitor on the floor from my nightstand. When I turned it on tonight, the screen was black with one strip of white light across the middle. I keep turning from the computer to look at the monitor on my nightstand and it isn't there. So, I keep having to get up and go look in her room to check on her.
But losing the baby monitor was just the beginning... next, my parents gave us their spare Twin XL bed, so Scott decided it was time to get rid of Evie's crib and changing table too. They sold on craigslist in less than 24 hours! Then he unplugged her wipes warmer and took it out of her room! Then the diaper genie went too! Next, he moved her play kitchen into her room and gave her Eric's desk (Eric got my scrapbooking desk, now I have nothing to scrapbook on) so the kids both have a good homework spots. I guess all that's left to do is get Evie computer. (I thought I had a baby, but apparently she's a big girl now!)

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