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Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 25: June 18-24, 2013

Photos taken: 121

June 21: Today is the first day of Summer! We picked peas in the garden. Evie ate several, but Eric didn't want to try any. They were small but really sweet! 

June 22: I made some 'basic' muffins and stuffed each one with a different fruit from our farmer's market haul (and a few are stuffed with chocolate chips, lol!) I also made some plain ones to put the apricot jam on. Eric was asking me what was in each one and when I told him these over here are plain, he said, "You mean they have airplanes in them?" 

June 24:  Playdate with Jacob, we got to go to his house this time cuz it's raining today.

Interview with the kids:
Me: Eric, what is the meaning of life?
Eric: playing!
(very wise!)

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Eric: A really fast runner like my daddy is

Me: What are you afraid of?
Eric: bats
Me: bats?
Eric: yes, bats!!!
Me: why?
Eric: (annoyed) because that's what i do!

Me: If you had 1 wish, what would you wish for?
Eric: lego superman... in winter, from santa

Me: What is the best thing in the world?
Eric: Clouds
(so, existential!)

Me: What makes you mad?
Eric: Nobody playing with me.
(me too)

Me: What is the meaning of love?
Eric: I love you and I give you a kiss! 
(then he kissed and hugged me)

Me: How old is Momma?
Eric: 7
Me: How old is Daddy?
Eric: 4
Me: wait, 4? how old are you?
Eric: 5
Me: and how old is Evie?
Eric: 3
Me: Ok, so how old is Daddy?
Eric: 4
(alrighty then, lol! clearly he sees me as the mature adult in the household, lol)

Me: What is Daddy's job?
Eric: go to work. he gets money so i can get more transformers AND toys!
(who cares about groceries or electricity? all you need is love... and transformers)

Me: What does Momma do?
Eric: Give them our toys who doesn't have toys (i give the kids' old toys to charity).
(awe, so sweet that he remembers)

Me: What is the coolest thing ever?
Eric: Dino Ninjas! I really want a dino ninja toy from old macdonald's, does that sound fine?
Me: We aren't going to mcdonalds today.
Eric: (walks away whining)
(d'oh! walked myself right into that one, didn't I?)

Me: Evie, what is your favorite color?
Evie: pink

Me: Evie, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Evie: a dog... and a cat!

Me: Evie, who do I love?
Evie:  EVIE!!!
Me: who does Eric love?
Evie: EVIE!!!
Me: who does Daddy love?
Evie: Bailey
Me: Bailey? really? who does Bailey love?
Evie: his toys
Me: who does Mook love?
Evie: EVIE!!!

Me: Evie, what do You love?
Evie: feƩ! (her blanket)
Me: what else?
Evie: Bailey
Me: what else?
Evie: Mook
Me: what else?
Evie: Mommie
Me: what else?
Evie: I paint! (gets up and leaves, lol!) 10 minutes later she came back and asked for a mani/pedi (actually she says "my toes, they ruined!" and that means she needs some new nail polish, lol), so she now has purple sparkle fingernails and toenails, and then sat still-ish for white flower nail art on her big toenails and ring finger nails! 

We spent the next several minutes talking about bats and how they are not scary and we looked at pictures of bats online and now Eric says, "I want a baby bat in my room so I can give him a bottle!" I asked if he was scared of bats anymore and he said, "No, I want a bat in our house! Can we please have a bat in our house? When they drink all their juice they can have some more! I love those little tiny baby bats! If they drink all that juice, they will have to go pee in the toilet." :)

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