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Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 24: June 11-17, 2013

Photos taken:  127

June 11: I thought of one last way to get Evie to tell me where little fée has gone. I told her I would give her lots and lots of chocolate chips. She really wanted the chocolate but couldn't tell me where little fée was. I think she has forgotten where she hid it. :(

June 13: If you've seen Disney's movie CARS you know there is a mack truck in the movie named Mack. You might also know that at some point, the main character car (Lightning McQueen) goes searching for Mack and finds several Mack Trucks, but none that are his friend Mack, he even finds a big rig that is a Peterbuilt who he mistakes for Mack. Whenever we are driving in the car, if Eric sees a big rig, he says, "Look, it's Mack!" Sometimes I have to tell him it's a Peterbuilt or a Volvo. Today, we saw our first Mercedez-Benz big rig. Eric said, "Look, its Mack!" and I said, "Actually, this is one we've never seen before, it's called Mercedez-Benz." and he said, "Sadie-ben?" and I said, "Yes, they are made in a country called Germany." And he said, "It sounds like a Decepticon." (these are the bad guys in Transformers, which had me laughing so hard I was glad we were stopped at a signal, lol!)

June 15: Today I told Evie, "I love your chubby, chubby cheeks!!!" and I squished her cheeks and kissed her. She looked at me and said, "I love YOUR chubby, chubby cheeks!"  Thanks kid. Sigh.

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