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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Three Days

Three days after my surgery I realize I am really itchy under my left arm. I have Hub come take a look (cuz I was still in bed all day at that point) and the doctor left an EKG pad stuck to me. I guess I had some sort of reaction to the sticky part because there is STILL a rash there today and it is STILL itchy! I’ve been putting hydrocortisone cream on it twice a day! As much as the rash bothers me, it bothers me even more that I was so completely out of it that I never even realized there was something stuck to me for THREE DAYS!!! :( Out of sympathy and friendship, “C” explains that I’m the rashiest person she knows.

I’m still afraid to take the tape off my stitches. The Rules and Regulations sheet I was given said not to take the tape off, that it would come off on its own, but with being so itchy and rashy from the tape under my left arm, it seems like taking the tape off the stitches would be saving me from getting another rash. On the other hand, I don’t want to undo any stitches by taking off tape that may be holding them into place.

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