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Friday, July 20, 2007


I had my appointment this morning at the Fertility Center to learn how to give myself the shots in the stomach since the other treatments are not working. The shots will come unassembled and I will put them together into a pen-like utensil sort of like an epi-pen. I will give myself the shots everyday in the belly button area for up to 20 days depending on several variables, such as the dosage and my egg's growth cycle (the cost of the medication increases each time the dosage increases, the financial adviser we met with gave us a ballpark estimate of $3000). I start the shots on cycle day 2. I am currently on cycle day 20. I will have to make daily or every other day visits to the Fertility Center for monitoring and vaginal ultrasounds and blood draws. When my eggs do what they are supposed to, Hub makes a donation which is "washed" meaning they take out the slow, mal-formed sperm as well as some certain liquids and other stuff and then do an IUI which stands for Intra-Uterine-Insemination. This means they take the semen and use a long utensil to insert the semen into my uterus which gives the semen a quicker journey to the egg area. I was told there is a 30% chance this will make me pregnant. I thought I was told 90% at my last appointment, but I guess I misunderstood. If I don't get pregnant, they will increase my dosage and we can try up to a total of 3 times before they recommend IVF (in-vetro-fertilization, which is where they put the eggs and semen in a test tube and fertilize it and then stick it in my uterus - this is considered a surgery where i am put to sleep) If I do get pregnant, there is a 20% chance of multiples. After all this I was crying and once I stopped crying we went to Denny's and of course, our waitress was pregnant which made me cry again, so I went into the bathroom to cry for a while, then I washed my face and at my moon-over-my-hammy. Please pray for us!

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